How to capture screen in Mac Book Pro

Mac capture icon

I have been using Mac Book Pro for last few months and I am in love with my Mac Book Pro. Today I noticed that there’s no print screen key in my Mac Book Pro and I Googled it and found that there are some short cut keys to capture the whole screen or some portion of the screen. Read more »

Watch Geo News Tv Online for FREE

Geo TV is the most popular Urdu news channel for South Asian countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. People from these countries are all around the world and they want be informed about their loved ones and their people and their land. Goe News is the only tv channel which provides excellent news coverage about the current affairs, talk shows, sports events views and reviews. Read more »

Watch Internet Stats video

So, Do you really want to know the statistics of internet users worldwide? No problem, Here’s a video for you. Read more »

HP’s Slate Device in Action

Watch this video to learn more about the the demo given by Adobe products team to HP on their upcoming Slate Device Read more »

Apple iPhone 3G S Launched

Apple iphone 3gs

Get your budget in order because Apple iPhone 3G S is finally out in the market. One of the most awaited and desired handset is available in the eight fortunate countries of this planet. The most impatient and eager fans in Canada, USA, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and United Kingdom are already taking  pleasure in their new, sleek and stylish evidently twice as fast shiny new Apple iPhone 3G S. It has created its place on the shelves of several stores now. Read more »

The 3D Feel with LG 3D HD Screen

LG 3d HD Screen

The LG Company in South Korea, has made public their most recent product, a Full HD enabled 23 inch 3D LCD screen. Now you all must be wondering whether what’s new with this monitor screen and how does it stand different from the existing ones. Here Is the answer.! Read more »

Apple Macbook Touch Realy Coming in October?

macbook touch

Apple is already well covered by blogsphere due to their recently announced iPod Nano Series, and now its time for Crew and Steve to creates the hype for the Mac.

Some sources says that Apple will announce Macbook Touch in a special event which is going to be held on October 14 but there is not any official word about i t. It could be anything from a rumour to reality ;) Read more »

How to Upgrade iPod Touch to Firmware 2.0 for Free

upgrade to ipod touch 2.0 firmware

I think almost all the iPod Touch lovers and owners already know that Apple has finally released iPod Touch firmware 2.0 for download with the help of iTunes. All iPod users can upgrade to iPod Touch Firmware 2.0 for one time fee of $9.25, however Apple iPhone users can get this lated update free of cost. Read more »

Apple Announced new iPod Nano

new ipod nano chromatic 4Gen

Few days ago we published some leaked ipod nano 4Gen images, those were collected from various sources on the internet. The good news about those leaked images are that all images were real because this is now confirmed by th announcement in Apple Lets Rock Event where Steve Jobs announced the new ipods nano. Read more »

iPod Nano 4th Gen Leaked Images released

Different companies are making different marketing strategies to market their upcoming products and Apple is one of them which releases their upcoming products’ leaked images on web to get more attention and creates the hype about iPod Nano 4Gen. Read more »

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